Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Create shoes...recklessly!

As some of you know, one of the very first things I made with leather was a shoe. One silver high-heeled, wearable shoe with Swarovski crystal inlays. But, alas, I only made one.

But that's about to change! While I won't be making another one of these fancy ladies, I am set on making a pair of embellished tennis shoes. I recently stumbled upon this Kickstarter campaign and I couldn't resist. I exchanged emails with the founders of the ONEDAY Sneaker Kit and they made a new fan.

Why not join me? Consider backing their Kickstarter campaign and lets make some shoes together! Many of the techniques in Beautiful Leather Jewelry will work for the shoes and the Create Recklessly with leather toolkit and hardware would add beautiful embellishments.


Isn't it fun to live in a world where we can support and play with artists in the Netherlands with just a click of a button?

Have a great week!



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