Friday, June 22, 2012

Metal Jewelry in Bloom

I just sent off my first batch of finished jewelry for my next book, Metal Jewelry in Bloom! I'm very excited to see all of the flowers that have been sitting around my studio finally come together into finished pieces. Thought you might like a sneak peak. The photo quality is horrible, I apologize. I managed to snap some quick shots before rushing out to Fedex.

Rushing being the operative word here. Last Fedex pickup was at 5:30 and I finished packing everything up at 4:30. The Problem was that Robert Dancik's Craftcast class on hinges started at 5 and I really wanted to tune in. So what's a girl to do but turn her phone into a hotspot and bring along her laptop for the ride. (Of course, just to listen!) I love technology. This time.