Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't discard those oyster forks yet!

Okay, so we had some fun this April Fools and if you are a blog subscriber you received our "ad" in your email. But now, in all seriousness on this not so serious day, we have lots of great news to share!

Today starts a new chapter of Create Recklessly. Our product line of leather tools by Beadsmith was previewed in January at the CHA show and has since been featured in Tucson, at the Craft, Stitch and Hobby Show in the UK, on JTV and is making its way into bead stores. 

Leather patchwork kits from JTV
In the coming months we will have sneak peaks at the new artists joining our team and the amazing products they are creating. Until then, we will bring you some new techniques for leatherwork and more, starting with new ways to inlay, my favorite way to create leather closures, an interview with the Director of the Leather Research Laboratory, and then we'll talk wood... because we're reckless that way.

You can also find more information about leather in the April/May issue of Step by Step Wire or just jump right ahead to Tammy Honaman's fabulous leather cuff featured project... I even saw that they have kits for her design! If you are looking to learn in person, join me at the Bead and Button Show this June or at the November Autumn Artist Retreat here in WA at the Suncadia Resort. Two of my favorite wire artists will be there...Tracy Stanley and Sarah Thompson (I will be sneaking into those classrooms)! And then, of course, you can learn in the comfort of your own home with the book Beautiful Leather Jewelry or by viewing a Craftcast class!

And on a final note, my heartfelt thanks. For joining us here. For stopping by to say hi at the shows (and for bringing me know who you are!!). For dropping me a message with a photo of what you are making. For leaving me comments just when I am sure no one wants to hear what I have to say. For sharing my excitement in the silliest of reckless things (remember the April Fools post a few years ago where I attempted to turn my flexshaft into a pottery wheel? Yep, still removing clay off the walls). For helping me realize this reckless dream! I know I'll have more to say on this later, but not on April Fools.

Create recklessly,


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