Friday, May 23, 2014

Cheers to School Teachers!

 Leather coffee sleeve using Tierracast Rivetables
Melissa Cable

School is getting ready to wrap up and the fifth grade moms asked me to come up with a little thank you gift for our elementary school's teachers and staff. I have lots of scrap leather that I was happy to donate, but a bracelet proved tricky due to varying tastes, sizes and genders. I took a sip of my Starbucks as I was contemplating other projects (a leather wrapped-pen, book marks...) and then I noticed the cardboard sleeve on the cup. Bingo! Leather coffee sleeves!

Tierracast's new rivetables were perfect for adorning the sleeves, both functionally and aesthetically. It was an easy project and the other moms and I had fun making 45 of them over morning coffee. While these were simple, I envisioned how I could make customized sleeves...with engraved drawings from my children, colorful stitches, tooled patterns, handmade hardware. I can't wait to have the time to try!

Make sure to use a leather that has a finish on it or apply a sealant (so it can be easily wiped in case of drips). For this same reason, you may also want to apply edge coat to the exposed edges of the sleeve.

Tools and supplies:
Beadsmith leather hole punch (LP200) set to 2mm hole
Tierracast rivet setter (79-0103-00) and small steel block
Scissors or leather shears
3 Tierracast rivetable charms (Item 94-5797, 98, 99)
3 Tierracast cap rivets (Item 01-0060)
Starbucks coffee sleeve
Leather 2.5" X 10"*

1. Use the 2mm leather hole punch to pierce 3 holes on the coffee sleeve (centered on the glued seam of the sleeve)

2. Careful peel the seam apart. Place the sleeve on the back of a piece of leather and trace it, being sure to mark the holes.

3. Cut out the leather and use the 2mm leather hole punch to pierce the holes in the leather.

4. Place the peg part of the cap rivet from the back of the leather on the end that is notched. Place the hole on the other end of the leather over the peg, put the charm on the peg, and then place the cap over the peg, pushing down firmly. Repeat until all 3 charms are applied.

5. Place the back of the pegs on a steel block (the block will be sitting inside of the sleeve). Place the rivet setter on the rivet cap and strike it firmly with a weighted rawhide or other hammer.

6. Might I suggest a triple tall americano with that?

Create recklessly!


*You can reduce size of sleeve to use just 2 charms with a 2" X 10" piece of leather.


  1. what a great idea, those teachers are lucky to have you in the school! I used to make aprons, these look much more fun!

  2. Lovely---I love the charms, especially. And I think your kiddos are going to the school just down the street from my house, if it's the Chinese elementary school in Bellevue :) (Stacie)

  3. Terrific! I'll have to check out those rivets!