Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back, but Never Gone

Creating recklessly at home...almost done!

I have been on hiatus...not just from this blog but from from my normal day-to-day joy of making. Due to water damage resulting from a leaking refrigerator and improperly installed decks, we began repairs and remodel on our home in January. This meant that the entire contents of our first floor was packed into the kids room and studio while my family and dog moved downstairs for the last 4 months. Except for a piece I made for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad and an article I wrote for Step by Step Wire...I have created nothing.

Beadsmith Inspiration Squad Project Using "O" beads inlayed into leather.

It has really bothered me the last few months that I could so easily step away from making things and teaching. Normally if I go a week without making something I go stir crazy. I get restless. But this time was different. I didn't miss it. At all. Am I burned out? Should I switch directions and do something else? Do I really like what I do as much as I thought? Questions and doubts filled my mind. Well, now that the remodel is done I have figure out why I didn't miss it. It is simply because that over the last four months my artistic medium has been our home. I have created recklessly with my home, designing a space for our family that is comfortable and functional.

Now we all know how uber-talented the dear Tracy Stanley is. Turns out, her husband Warren is just as talented! He served as our general contractor, and lets be honest, he knew how to handle every crazy idea I had and made them all come to fruition. Afterall, he lives with someone like me...someone who I suspect has to create to thrive. When I told him I was going to take a class in working with stainless steel so that I could make my own brackets for this crazy installation I wanted, he didn't even blink. I'll post on that project when the installation is done so you can see the journey from start to finish.

But now the remodel is nearly done, a little paint and stain and the upstairs interior is finished. With that part of my creative life nearly over, I notice I've been getting restless again. Luckily, the Bead and Button Show is just around the corner. I can't wait to teach lots of leather and Faux Bone classes and get back to making and teaching.

So here I am, I'm back. But really...I never left.

Create recklessly,


PS - A quick shout out to another instructor stretching their creative wings! Linda Franzblau serves as the Marketing Manager for Kalmbach books and I have worked with her on my last two books: Metal Jewelry in Bloom and Beautiful Leather Jewelry. I was pleased to see she's stepping away from the desk and teaching some classes. Be sure to check them out!


  1. I would venture to say that your house project is amazingly creative! what I saw when I came by was incredible...Painting the bathroom four times to get that "perfect" color is right in line with your passion for creating recklessly!

    1. I should point out Chris painted the bathroom four times...lol. : )