Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two women walk into an auto supply store...

While having a lovely dinner with my husband's cousins last night, I heard one of the most "reckless" sewing moments ever, so I had to share it.

Maria found a beautiful large area rug at a garage sale, but the edges were frayed and the fringe was worn. However, that was nothing that she and her seamstress extraordinaire mother-in-law (my husband's aunt, Laureen) couldn't tackle. They put a sewing machine on a creeper (those things mechanics use to roll themselves under cars) and sewed bias tape around the edge! I can just imagine the two of them pushing this sewing machine around the rug, working together to keep perfect tension and speed.

It's a good reminder that "use as directed" is not always the way to go when it comes to our tools.

Have a great week!


PS - Trying to convince cousin Nick to write a post for us on his paintings using ink from color laser toner cartridges. Cross your fingers...I can't wait to learn more about this!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I used to do that kind of reckless creating and need to get back to it. I have very fond memories of playing on the creeper in the shop when we were kids!

  2. Oh that is a hoot. I'll have to share that story with all my quilting friends. Yes never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine.

  3. Great post, Melissa! You're very inspiring. :-D