Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding Center

While the purpose of this blog was to show you how to create a tool to find the center of a circle quickly and precisely, it occurs to me that the title "finding center" really does invoke a spiritual search...so, if you will permit me, I'll touch on that quickly at the end.

But first...lets find the center of your disks!

1. Simply cover the front of a circle template with clear contact paper, packing tape or even strips of Scotch tape.

2. Use a ruler to draw the horizontal center line using the marks that are printed or embossed on your template.

3. Mark the vertical center lines.

4. Now, use an awl, small paper punch or other tool to create a hole at the center point.

5. Every time you need to find the center of a disk, place the disk in its corresponding hole, from the back. The tape will hold it in place while you mark the center through the hole using an awl, center punch or marker.

Now, back to that spiritual search. Have you read Seth Godin's new book "The Icarus Deception"? I am a huge Godin fan as it is, but I am especially fond of this book. It's a quick read, beautiful in its simplicity and highlights the value of connecting. My copy is completely marked up and I tried desperately to pick out my favorite quote to print. But I couldn't pick a favorite. So I will leave you with this one because it captures the philosophy behind creating recklessly.

"Art requires the artist to care, and to care enough to do something when he knows that it might not work." -page 64

(It also conveniently sets up a future blog, which is an example of something that definitely didn't work!)

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  1. That's a clever idea! Great tip.

  2. Love this simple but clever trick. Wish I had known about it earlier after botching up some discs!