Monday, February 27, 2012

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie...

So last week, my family went skiing without me so I could focus on finishing my next book. Sounds like a good idea. Quiet time. Just me, my dog, my computer and my bench. But, no, not so much...

I admit it. Melissa does not do well alone. I am a pack animal (beyond just a pack rat). It's probably one of the reasons I like to teach. Being around other people invigorates and inspires me. Being alone makes me anxious, lonely, uninspired and scattered. Case in point....during my "work" week I:

  • Hired a dog trainer (apparently, he is more of a people trainer). Bought 6 hardware filled bags I'm to throw on the ground while growling to get my dog's attention.
  • Went out to buy a chicken to make soup for my sore throat 
  • While out decided to go to Hardwick's Harware downtown
  • While downtown, visited a friend to help her fix a database for the Seattle Metals Guild
  • When home, tested a new online database service to consider replacing the database all together. 
  • Facebooked the guild webmaster about said online service and looked at her recommendation
  • Typed up the sign up sheet for a guild collaborative show. Sent it to my friend Cynthia, known for her polymer and felting work.
  • Bought acrylic spheres from Tap Plastics. Intend to drill holes and felt in them.
  • Found wood blocks at Woodcraft envisioning the same project in wood
  • Visited an estate sale and bought a wood lathe, dust collector and pointed drill bits for acrylic 
  • Called a wood turner and convinced him to give me a private lesson on turning wood beads on the lathe
  • Took said private wood turning lesson with Jack Wayne
  • Wrote three blogs to save for future use (this one was written on Sat, Feb 25)
  • Took the nylon line out of my weed wacker - inspired by Mary Donald's and Flora Book's work with nylon monofilament. Liked it, but it was too thick, so...
  • Bought nylon monofilament
  • Picked up basic supplies for a high school class I agreed to teach at the last minute. Also found cool wood boxes.
  • Taught 60 high school kids how to use Faux Bone 
  • Texted all friends who were high school art teachers and asked them how in the *bleep* did they do it.
  • Designed new packaging with the cool wood boxes for all those finished nylon jewelry pieces I am going to sell
  • Bought another chicken (the one from 3 days prior was left in my car for 5 hours, see above). Made a big pot of chicken noodle soup. Forgot about it while I was doing an encaustic painting, packaged 3 containers full of noodles with gravy
  • Taught my local Thai food restaurant (Bai Tong) how to make Chang Mai noodles from another dish they had on the menu - because who wants soggy noodles with gravy.

Wow! I'm feeling good about myself. I got a lot done this week!

You can see why my husband says that If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is my life manual.


  1. BuwAHAahAha!That is too funny! We are cut from the same cloth, you and me. Staying focused and on task is the bane of my existence. Thanks for sharing that funny story. I have done most of the same, with the exception of the chicken. Mine was a tub of ice cream that melted. Yikes!
    Enjoy the day!

    1. Chicken is an oversight. But ICE CREAM! That's a crime! Especially if it was mint n chip...mmm, maybe I should go to the store. And while I'm out...

  2. I SO GET IT!!!!!!..... and heaven forbid i remember to eat.