Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Create Recklessly - Episode 1

Welcome to Project Create Recklessly!

With the premier of Project Accessory my own challenge begins! Each week (hopefully) after watching Project Accessory (Lifetime, Thursday at 10pm ET/9pm C) I'll try to repeat the challenge at some point before the next episode and then blog about it here.

I'll likely post 2 blogs per to show you what I've done, and another that explains what I learned in regards to techniques/materials/etc. that worked or didn't work. Lets make this a learning experience for us all...and don't worry, I'm laughing with you!

Care to join me? Post your Project Create Recklessly photos on my Facebook page for all of us to see! Be sure to share this blog with you friends...afterall, only all of you can judge whether I'm in, or out!

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Create a necklace, belt and one other item from items scavenged from a 15-minute visit to a storage unit.

Create a necklace, belt and one other item from items scavenged from a 15-minute visit to my basement storage room.

After 15 minutes, this is what I had collected:

Windshield wiper, 2 plastic and 2 tin boxes, kids science kit, CD, Wood shelf, baseball glove (which hubby promptly removed from my pile), knee pads, swim noodle, misc phone and computer cords, 3 mice and one keyboard, 2 large washers, basket, non-skid tape, plastic tap light, can light fixture, ceiling light fixture, misc small pipes, plastic kid ball toy, red styrofoam pear, coat hooks, wood curtain rod, security camera, glass bear music box, sponge, flower bulbs and garden rock.



Wood beads made from the wood curtain rod, metal pendant and flowers from the metal tin, red "cabachon" cut from the styrofoam pear, ball clasp from the security camera, strung on computer keyboard cord.

Other items:Bolts and nuts, rivets, Gilder's paste (gold)


Phone and computer cords, large washer

Other items used: Gilder's Paste (gold)

I created this in much the same way I created "Cristina's Cuff", the last project in my book Spotlight on Wire.


Created from non-skid tape, can light fixture, computer keyboard cord, phone cord

Other items: Nuts and bolts, Gilder's paste

More detail about the items/techniques used will be posted this weekend...thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice work. I'll be looking forward to your posts each week. :)

  2. Hot damn! I am loving this! I think that I will see if my daughter wants to do this with me as we are huge fans of this show!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. What a great challenge! I love your pieces and look forward to following along with you.

  4. Wow, You really did a great job!

  5. Great job Melissa, I think the handbag is my favorite.