Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet my New Friends...

May 2011 - I just finished up the last class in my Faux Bone series at the Ranch and am completely reenergized! What an amazing bunch of students I had over the three weeks. I was thrilled to let them play with the new Faux Bone strips, which have really started to take on a personality of their own

The 2mm strip is a little shy. She shrinks away into the background thinking no one can see her a wallflower if you want. But when she surrounds herself with friends, she takes on a whole new life. In that environment, she's bold and complex and makes a real statement.

The 3mm strip is completely a Type A personality. She wants to work, work, work but has to learn to sometimes take a back seat to the 2mm strip and that, well, kinda pisses her off. But she knows better than to take over. She gives up just enough control, allowing herself to work with those around her...and, as a result, manages to shine in the end.

The 7m strip is that reliable friend who you can always turn to. Selfless almost. Flexible. Consistent. Strong. You want to be around her.

The 9mm strip, frankly, is a bit conceited...likes to take over the show. And that's just fine. Finished nicely with a texture and beautiful ink treatment, she deserves to be the star. So, I let her occasionally. But I put her back in her place now and then, just for my own sanity.

So there you are. Meet the Faux Bone strips. They've been my friends for almost year now and I'm happy to finally introduce them to you. So, where can you meet them in person, you might ask?

Join Robert Dancik, founder of Faux Bone, and I next Saturday, May 14th at Fusion Beads in Seattle, WA for a Faux Bone demo, which will include an introduction to these lovely ladies. Learn to work with their cousins, the Faux Bone sheets, shapes and bracelet and ring blanks as we explore the basics of working with this innovative, fun and flexible artist material. Fusion Beads will be carrying the entire Faux Bone line in their store, so if you are in the Seattle area, this is a great opportunity to play with something fairly new that I know you are going to love!

And no, I haven't gone crazy. I have real friends. Just yesterday I got hammered with my friend Fretz...

(If you aren't familiar with the Fretz brand of jewelry hammers be sure to check them out at Fusion Beads, which carries the hammers both online and in store.)

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